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This week we informed, that Toyota on the international motor show in Tokyo will spend a premiere of conceptual model FT-EV II who is steered with the help joystic. And today it became known, that Japanese concern Nissan has prepared the worthy answer to competitors in the form of car-motorcycle Land Glider. The car combines advantage and the car, and a motorcycle, therefore even the Japanese concern does not give exact definition to that vehicle what prepares to show on the motor-show in Tokyo in the end of October. Nissan Land Glider - the ultrathin model calculated on the driver and the passenger, sitting behind the driver. The main advantage "it is unknown animals" consists in absence of blowout CO2 in atmosphere as Nissan Land Glider it is set in motion by two electric motors which eat from the complete set lithium-ionic of the batteries located under a floor of the car. The length of model makes 3,1 m, width - only 1,1 m, height - 1,45 m, and the wheelbase reaches 2,18 m. Instead of a habitual steering wheel in interior Nissan Land Glider the plane steering wheel is installed. the motor-car manufacturer assures what to steer model by means of a steering wheel very easily and interestingly, after all into turning movement Nissan Land Glider enters with an inclination, as the present motorcycle, enriching blood of the driver and the passenger fair quantity of adrenaline. According to management Nissan, the company yet does not plan a batch production of concept Land Glider, but on a model example it is easy to present, as in the future compact cars of the Japanese concern can look, is spoken in the official press release.


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